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Sep. 25, 2018

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom for Nintendo Switch™ FAQ

World Neverland - Elnea Kingdom will go on sale on the Nintendo Switch™ eShop in Spring, 2018. The latest details regarding the development process will be posted on the Nintendo Switch version's official website.

Rest assured as support for smartphone versions of the game will continue with future updates and events!

Q & A

  • Q: Can we use "Enchantment"? Sep. 25 added
    • "Enchantment" is an item dedicated to the smartphone version, so it can not be used in the Switch version.
    • You can use a character equipped with "Enchantment" only when using the import function, but you can not replace "Enchantment" newly or you can not equip "Enchantment" to other than imported characters.
  • Q: About the import function of iOS and Android version data supported by Ver. 1.1.0 update. May 2 added
  • Q: Is the Pro controller supported? May 2 added
    • Supported with update Ver. 1.1.0.
  • Q: What are the main differences between this and the smartphone versions?
    • The Nintendo Switch version has been revamped for a more home and console friendly experience with a brand-new interface to accommodate the horizontal aspect ratio, as opposed to the vertical one found on smartphones.
    • It has also been modified for a completely offline experience where you download the game once and just play.
  • Q: Are the Nintendo Switch and smartphone versions completely separate? Can we transfer our accounts?
    • The Nintendo Switch version was created so that you don't need an internet connection to play, so it is incompatible with save data from the smartphone versions.
  • Q: How many save slots are available?
    • Save data can be stored in up to 4 different slots.
  • Q: Will there be events like in the smartphone versions?
    • As this version doesn't use an internet connection, there are no curated online events.
  • Q: Are there any prize draws from the Tailor Shop, Furnishing Lottery, or the Muscle Hall Lottery?
    • There are no prize draws like the ones found in the Tailor Shop, Furnishing Lottery, or the Muscle Hall Lottery.
    • Premium additional content is planned. (Additional content will be available from stores in-game after purchase.)
  • Q: Will there be updates to the game after it goes on sale?
    • That has not yet been determined. We are looking into releasing additional content and features for the game.
  • Q: Is there anything in the Nintendo Switch version that's not in the smartphone versions?
    • There are missions, weapons, skills, and items that can only be found in the Switch version.
  • Q: How does saving work?
    • You're generally able to save whenever you want, except during event cutscenes and in dungeons.
  • Q: Are there login bonuses?
    • No, there are not. The game doesn't feature any content that relies on real-world time.
  • Q: Can we use items like the Flame of Passion, Birth Egg, and the Lest Flower?
    • Yes, you can. They're available for purchase from the Caravan Co. or Yano Market in-game.
  • Q: Will the Ranking Reward costumes from events in the smartphone versions make an appearance in the Nintendo Switch version?
    • Ranking Reward costumes from the smartphone versions will not be available in the Nintendo Switch version.
  • Q: Can we use Magical Makeup (a magical cosmetic item that changes your appearance or that of those close to you) in the Nintendo Switch version?
    • Yes, you can. We plan to make it available as premium additional content. (Additional content will be available from stores in-game after purchase.)
  • Q: Are the Vorugo and Bagwell Forests in the Nintendo Switch version?
    • Yes, they are. We've made some adjustments in the Nintendo Switch version which slightly changes what sorts of items drop.
  • Q: Are the touch controls from the smartphone versions supported?
    • Touch controls are not supported. The game is controlled using the Joy-Cons.
  • Q: Will we still be able to call out to other characters to make them stand still?
    • Pressing the X Button will stop everyone around you.
  • Q: Can we run?
    • Holding the B Button while moving the L Stick will make your character run.
  • Q: Can we toggle the character name tags off and on?
    • Yes, you can. The option is in the settings menu just like in the smartphone versions.
  • Q: Will languages other than Japanese be supported?
    • Yes. English and Japanese will be supported at release.
  • Q: Will there be any features that aren't in the smartphone versions?
    • Yes, there will be. The Incubator, for one, with a number of small changes to other features. There are also a number of planned items and cooking additions that can only be found on the Nintendo Switch version.

*This FAQ will be updated with more information as development progresses. We will do our best to consider supporting additional features and content based on the most popular user feedback.

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